‘Let’s Have a Cuppa’ – Castlemaine Mail

'Let's Have a Cuppa' - Castlemaine Mail 24th March 2016

‘Let’s Have a Cuppa’ – Castlemaine Mail 24th March 2016

Many thanks Lisa Dennis and Jeff Jones, Castlemaine Mail

About Claire Seppings

Churchill Fellow 2015 Bachelor of Social Work (Monash University, 1984) Victorian Custody Reference Group ‘Dennis Mc Millin Access to Justice Award’ (2012) Minister for Human Services Award for Exemplary Service to Customers and Stakeholders (2008)
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6 Responses to ‘Let’s Have a Cuppa’ – Castlemaine Mail

  1. Great – have forwarded. Love, Mum. Joan Webster OAM Author, poet, freelance journalist, bushfire safety advisor. Order of Australia Medal 2010 AFPA Community Service Award 1990 Books Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (2012) http://www.publish.csiro.au/index.cfm The Complete Bushfire Safety Book (2000) http://www.randomhouse.com.au/books/joan-webster/.aspx Fruits of Their Labours: A Folk History of Doncaster (2012) In and About Parliament (2001) Ph 613 54 706 772 Mob 0438 706 772 http://www.joanwebsterauthor.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bushfire-Safety-Awareness/130977566959410 https://twitter.com/Joanoam

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  2. Dennis McMillin says:

    Great article, just thinking last week how you were getting on. I can tell by your comments in the past the frustration you are having in getting others to partner with you in assisting to be rid of the rhetoric or the going round in circles. Wish I could be of some help. All I can say is to keep pushing and agitating. Regards. Dennis McMillin

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  3. Karen Martin says:

    Great article – well done



    Karen Martin |

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