Budget needs greater crime prevention focus

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Substantial law and order spending outlined in today’s State Budget continues to focus too heavily on addressing the consequences of crime, rather than tackling the causes to stop it in the first place, according to Smart Justice, a coalition of 34 community organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

‘A $596 million law and order package emphasising increased police numbers comes amid continued heavy spending on Victoria’s prisons, with more than $1billion spent annually just to contain an excessive prison population. The emphasis on prisons has so far delivered little clear benefit, with recidivism levels still over 40 per cent in the two years following release,’ said Michelle McDonnell, senior policy adviser for Smart Justice with the Federation of Community Legal Centres, today.

‘The one thing we should expect from criminal justice spending is that it should actually be effective in making the community safer. Imprisoning more people…

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Churchill Fellow 2015 Bachelor of Social Work (Monash University, 1984) Victorian Custody Reference Group ‘Dennis Mc Millin Access to Justice Award’ (2012) Minister for Human Services Award for Exemplary Service to Customers and Stakeholders (2008)
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