Standing Committee on Legal and Social Issues: Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria.

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria held its first public hearing on Friday 17 March, 2017.

I was honoured to be invited to give evidence.

Here is my submission to the Inquiry:

Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria.

More details on the parliamentary inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria are available from the Committee’s website: The Legal & Social Issues Committee

About Claire Seppings

Churchill Fellow 2015 Bachelor of Social Work (Monash University, 1984) Victorian Custody Reference Group ‘Dennis Mc Millin Access to Justice Award’ (2012) Minister for Human Services Award for Exemplary Service to Customers and Stakeholders (2008)
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8 Responses to Standing Committee on Legal and Social Issues: Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres in Victoria.

  1. pete1966 says:

    Well done Claire !!

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  2. Great!! love xox Mum Joan Webster OAM Author, poet, freelance journalist, bushfire safety advisor. Order of Australia Medal 2010 AFPA Community Service Award 1990 Books Summoning the Whirlwind (MPU) 2016 Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (2012) The Complete Bushfire Safety Book (2000) Fruits of Their Labours: A Folk History of Doncaster (2012) In and About Parliament (2001) Ph 613 54 706 772 Mob 0438 706 772

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  3. Alec TUC says:

    Claire hello,
    Yes I read the inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria interesting
    The UK Government has just agreed to build 4 more super prisons ,and try and re-recruit 2,500 more prison officers after sacking 5000 its really worrying
    The work that we do in Salford in terms of reducing re-offending is not popular in fact the GOVERNMENT refuses to fund our work!!!
    And the large charities have decided now that because we also work with the CRCs with is the private probation service they also wont fund us.

    I did spend 4 weeks in Australia last summer June 2016 ,I was based in Brisbane ,but went everywhere down Gold coast just missed your conference by a day

    I read all the stuff in the papers aabout the prison system as I was there during the General Election
    Has any new trends or policies come in yet

    Alec McFadden
    Salford Prison Project

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  4. Great to hear from you Alec. Pity we missed each other while you were in Australia. That is not good news at all about the direction the UK is heading with building more ‘super’ prisons and the staffing roller coaster; along with the funding challenges you are facing with the Salford Prison Project. We certainly need a national prison reform approach in Australia. There are pockets of good work (this Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Youth Justice Centres; the royal commission into the Northern Territory’s youth detention and child protection system; and the ongoing national Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse examining youth justice detention centres too. However, these are occurring parallel to ongoing state government ‘tough on crime, sentencing and parole’ approaches impacting on prison and youth justice centre overcrowding, staff pressure and limited access for people in custody to effective rehabilitation programmes. Let’s keep in touch.


  5. delroyfletcher says:


    I’d love to read your submission but the link does not work. Keep up the good work.

    Del Roy Fletcher

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