Introducing the Justice Transition Alliance

I am proud to be a founding member of the Justice Transition Alliance – a new, collaborative Victorian network working to raise awareness to the systemic challenges in transition out of the criminal justice system and recommending evidence-based solutions. Victoria needs a unified voice on the systemic issues impacting people in contact with the justice system and that is where the Justice Transition Alliance comes in. We are a new state-based network of service providers, academics, people with lived experience and passionate community members working to address the systemic challenges of transition out of the criminal justice system. Together, we are raising awareness of these challenges, recommending evidence-based solutions, and developing a unified and compelling voice on priority issues of concern. Learn more about our work, membership, and how to be involved. We welcome new members and all forms of expertise:

About Claire Seppings

Churchill Fellow 2015 Bachelor of Social Work (Monash University, 1984) Victorian Custody Reference Group ‘Dennis Mc Millin Access to Justice Award’ (2012) Minister for Human Services Award for Exemplary Service to Customers and Stakeholders (2008)
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3 Responses to Introducing the Justice Transition Alliance

  1. Maddy Harford says:


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  2. pete1966 says:

    Well done Claire, great initiative!Sent from my Galaxy

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  3. Don Mccrae says:

    Hi Claire

    I hope you are well. Well done with this initiative, it is truly needed.

    One of the things we have realised with JusTas is that money makes running these organisations a whole lot easier.

    We have struggled for six years trying to make it happen with volunteers and it is a challenge.



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